Where to watch the Super Bowl in Paris

superbowlIronic as life is, it never seizes to amaze me how it takes its turns. This year, irony played its role in the form of my favorite American holiday, the Super bowl.

 As I finally saved the money, obtained the visa and decided to leave it all behind to live my dreams in Paris, one of my favorite things about the US was about to be enjoyed without me. My last resident city, Denver now prepares to have a possible historic celebration as the Broncos tie their laces to face the Seattle Seahawks under the leadership of Denver’s new God, Peyton Manning.  I envy all the “the mile high” fans, well who are literally high now, back in my homeland at this moment. Though this will be an all-nighter for me, as the kickoff is not until midnight in Paris, I consider this almost a second New Year’s type celebration.

 Nachos, beer helmets, parties, betting pools and of course, football, brings glory and embellishes what it truly means to be American on Super bowl Sunday. Ever since I can remember, when the Buffalo Bills blew it against the New York Giants in the 1991 Super bowl, I loved the excitement, anxiety and insanity that Super bowl represented. Everyone had an excuse to get loud, come together as it is at Thanksgiving, to enjoy lots of food, friends and most importantly watch football.

As the US prepares to enjoy one it’s most consumed holidays and my favorite, I wonder where, in my new home, I can feel the most “at home”.  I  Googled where to watch football in general in Paris, months before I left  but  the same bar, The Princess and the Frog, came up in several different sites, funny how that works.  As I wanted to be enwrapped in what would be the biggest celebration Denver as ever seen, I decided to do my own research for the best celebration in Paris.

So, here’s what I found. In Paris, if you are living here, studying here or just happen to be here for an overnight layover, here’s 7 additional bars partying for the 2014 Superbowl on February2, 2014. Kickoff is at midnight so be prepared to cheer with the true fans till the morning hour.

Paris Bars showing the 2014 SuperBowl

 1. The Great Canadian­

Located on the river in the 6th arr,  and the heart of Saint Michele, this pub apparently hosts the North American football fan hide out. No matter what the game, this pub is a must go to for any sporting event your withdrawing from. The menu is filled with typical North American fare and you will feel right at home among other fans. This Sunday for the Super bowl, it will cost you 20 € to get in the door but two drinks are included (anxious to find out what that means) However, get there early because tables are limited. As I want to feel the most “at home” to cheer the Broncos on, this is where I will be.  Metro Stop: Saint Michele\Notre Dame, 25 Quai des Grands Augustins, 0146335420, http://www.tgcparis.com

2. The Moose

The name alone gives away its roots but this Canadian pub combines traditional Paris with North America. Tucked away on a small back street between Saint Germain-des-pres and Odéon, this has become a well-known sports destination for North Americans. The Moose offers plenty of reasonably priced food and drinks with plenty of seating. They will be offering the same 20 € entrance fee with two drinks included for Super bowl Sunday. Metro Stop: Odéon, 16 rue des 4 vents, 0146337700, www.mooseparis.com

3. Bulls Brothers

Saint Michele offers this lively pub with great happy hour specials and a nightly DJ. There is large basement full of seating and plenty of tv’s upstairs to watch the game. Admission is free Super bowl Sunday and 5 € beers the entire evening (or morning). They only serve hot dogs and chips, so you may want to eat something before-hand. This is already becoming one of my favorite spots in Paris for a quick, cheap drink with friends throughout the year. Metro Stop: Saint Michele\Notre Dame, 27 rue de la Huchette, 0178901068

4Cafe Oz

This Australian pub has several locations throughout Paris. The one located in the 1st arr. at Les Halles has a huge wrap around bar with tv’s at every corner. They offer a nightly happy hour at 4pm and then again at 9pm featuring a beer of the week. There will be free entrance on Super bowl Sunday but no drink specials. Metro Stop: Les Halles, 18 Rue Saint-Denis, 0140390018, www.cafe-oz.com

5.  The Blok

Situated next to the bumping Guinness Tavern in Les Halles this vibrant, trendy bar and nightclub offers the cheapest beers I have seen, 2.90 € beers all day. There is one large flatscreen overtaking the extremely colorful bar but not many tv’s downstairs which provides a chic nightclub. They will be showing the game Super bowl Sunday with free entrance but no additional specials. Metro Stop: Les Halles, 33bis Rue des Lombards, 0143318661, www.blok-paris.com

6. Pomme d’Eve

The only South African pub in Paris, proves how South Africans like to party by staying open till 5am every night, except Tuesday. The exotic drinks and vibrant atmosphere serves a great spot Super bowl Sunday or any night of the year. They show sporting events from all over the world and will be hosting the Super bowl on Sunday with no admission fee. There are no additional drink specials but this is a must got to bar at least once. Metro Stop:Cardinal Lemoine, 1 Rue Làplace, 0143258618, www.lapommedeve.com

7. The Frog and Rosbif

Next store from the Montorgueil market, this traditional English pub is part of the Frogpubs chain. They offer traditional burgers to match their selection of micro brewed beers. They host an early happy hour and show most sporting events but primarily rugby and soccer.  This Super bowl Sunday they offer free entrance featuring a BBQ menu with drink specials from 11pm. Metro Stop: Les Halles, 116 rue St. Denis, 0142363473, www.frogpubs.com








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