Monthly Archives: April 2014

Spring is in the air and so are the outdoor markets! Just like at Christmas,  Paris starts to sprinkle white tents around the city indicating the coming of the beautiful spring and summer markets. And as the city grows greener and more colorful, so has my appetite to spend every moment eating, drinking and enjoying life outside. Now, the Village de Printemps is just one of the perfect places to accomplish that…. Read More

Running errands one sunny afternoon, I came across a sign I had not yet seen here in Paris, “Frozen Yogurt”. Not only have I not tasted, nor even thought of frozen yogurt since arriving here five months ago. Living in the city of glorious pastries, it is not the most French dessert I would think of. However, when seeing this magnificent sign, marketing began working at it’s best and I immediately began… Read More

Surviving the Paris Metro.

One of the first culture shocks I experienced when moving to Paris was the, “where’s the rest of it” experience. This question came with every drink, coffee and breakfast I ordered. The “petite” French life style they say exist is one stereotype that is an overwhelming reality. The only places to get more than a 2oz cup of coffee, Starbucks and McDonald’s, of course and beers start at 25cl. Some places don’t… Read More