“FroYo” in Paris

Running errands one sunny afternoon, I came across a sign I had not yet seen here in Paris, “Frozen Yogurt”. Not only have I not tasted, nor even thought of frozen yogurt since arriving here five months ago. Living in the city of glorious pastries, it is not the most French dessert I would think of. However, when seeing this magnificent sign, marketing began working at it’s best and I immediately began to crave a delicious mixture of cool yogurt topped with a buffet of fruit toppings.


When entering the small store the first thing that jumped out at me was the sparkling cleanliness. The shining metal from the yogurt machines had almost a perfect mirror reflection that would give Mr.Clean a run for his money any day. The very friendly store owner, Stephan came running up to me with a huge smile asking in French if I was familiar with the yogurt process. I told him I was American and an expert “froyo” patron. He was thrilled anyway to tell me about the process and  about his new-found market he discovered when visiting Miami (which, btw, the French LOVE Miami).

He then came back here to France immediately opening the store as he thought it was crazy no one had really tapped into this market yet. Though do exist here, he is right that they are nowhere near as common. I tried two selections of  his simple flavors, all which are fat free,  strawberry and vanilla and they were delectable. It was the freshest, smoothest frozen yogurt I ever had. The mixture he used was not of the same consistancy that the main chains in the U.S. serve. It was absent of the sugary after taste that most frozen yogurt contains and I loved this absence.

Placed out where the normal accompaniments, again extremely clean and organized with a selection of candies, m&m’s, skittles and gummi bears along with beautifully cut fresh fruit and cake crumbs. The cakes where much smaller but tastier that in the U.S. At the end when I had my beautiful edible masterpiece finished and like most “froyo” ,it was a bit expensive, 2,50 euro per 100kg. All in all it was a “sweet” break to the typical French pastry.

After, I went home to see how expansive the frozen yogurt market was in Paris. Though they have gone unnoticed to me, unlike the eye-catching ice cream stores, they do exist. So, if you are headed to Paris this summer and want esape from the 15 Nutella -Banana crepes you devoured already on your trip, here is a list of frozen yogurt chains in Paris. And when traveling to Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, grab a seat outside and try some Top Yog, it will be a nice, refreshing break.

Frozen Yogurt in Paris

Top Yog

39 rue Champ de Mars,75007, Metro: Ecole Militaire, Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel


4 rue Mouffettard, 75005, Metro: Place Monge, Cardinal Lemoine

Yogurt Factory

3 rue Saint-Merri, 75004, Metro: Hotel de Ville

It Milk

15 rue de l’Aniennce Comedie, 75006, Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Pres

Chacun ses gouts

4 rue Geoffroy l’Angevin, 75004, Metro: Rambuteau


2 Comments on ““FroYo” in Paris

  1. Virginia, I have read and enjoyed everything you have written since the day you left and followed your blogs every step of the way. You write extremely well and I have enjoyed “living in paris: through your eyes. Wonderful that you got to experience this. I look forward to each and everything you have to share with all of us. Barbara Ghiggeri

    • Barbara, I can not thank you enough for the kind words and support! This is very encouraging to keep writing as I continue to record my journey. Glad your enjoying it just as much as me!

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