Village de Printemps and Summer Markets in Paris


Spring is in the air and so are the outdoor markets! Just like at Christmas,  Paris starts to sprinkle white tents around the city indicating the coming of the beautiful spring and summer markets. And as the city grows greener and more colorful, so has my appetite to spend every moment eating, drinking and enjoying life outside. Now, the Village de Printemps is just one of the perfect places to accomplish that.


Across the street from the Eiffel Tower you will begin to smell the delicious  sausages and brats with peppers and onions grilling from the vendors underneath the white tents of Village de Printemps.


When arriving, stop and fill your appetite by grabbing yourself a smoky sausage and fries. You will need it to walk through the market while you shop and explore all the great purses, jewellery and crafts on sale starting at 5 euro!


Purses starting at 10 euro. Most street vendors can't beat that

After you gathered all your great deals, ensure to indulge in a Nutella crepe or just hang out at the portable bar for a beer which serves several international beers on tap, including Brooklyn Brewery.


When at the tower, the village can be easy to miss when you are smothered by tourists. But worth the search to save yourself the money on the 15 euro burger at the so-so “glamorous” restaurant that claims to have the best view of the Eiffel Tower. At the Village de Printemps, you still get the fabulous view of Mr.Eiffel’s masterpiece, the outdoor breeze,  great eats and souvenir shopping all in one place. Just how Paris is supposed to be enjoyed.

Village de Printemps is open till May 4th but here is a list of similar outdoor markets throughout the summer.

1. Village de la Diversite Culturelle                    Place du Palais Royal
May 1st to May 11

2. Village d’ete
Place Raoul Dautry-Montparnasse
May 16th to June 1

3. Village Estival
Mail Branly-Tour Eiffel (same location)
June 20th to July 10th

4. Village Eiffel-Boudonnais
July 18th to August 30th

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