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Paris may be the second most expensive city in the world, but this summer, the fashion is not! Summer sales have arrived and as France (and America) look forward to celebrating their independence this July, Paris is celebrating their freedom to shop. This week commenced the spree of epic summer bargains all over Paris. Every single store covered their windows with the loudest and largest discount signs in stock, 50, 60 and… Read More

Tuesday Street Fashion! As I bring you real Parisian street fashion weekly, I thought what better time to do it than to spark up the slowest day of the week. This week’s outfit is direct from my closet and I can’t get enough of it in Paris.Each individual item is a Paris essential, not even an essential, a MUST this summer. The striped shirt has become the uniform for summer 2014. Not… Read More

Happy Summer Solstice! Light the bbq’s, get the beach gear ready and soak up the sun as we commence the beginning of summer. We’ve been anxiously waiting all year to kick off our vacation celebration’s and all along, strategically organizing ways to absorb the most fun for our money. Here in Paris, it’s no different. As the City of Lights was voted the second most expensive city in the world for 2014,… Read More

As we near the commencement of Summer, I have been desperate to coordinate only the best outfits to blend in as a true Parisian living in the 7th. Before leaving for the City of Lights, I grabbed every Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue I could find hunting for the best Paris street fashion. Unfortunately, as I suspected, I come to find out that the street fashion was the normal groupies dressed in assembles that most… Read More

I would love to invite you to a very chic outdoor picnic. Dress in the most glamorous white outfit you can find, bring the best meal you can cook and bring the best wine you know. Oh, by the way, you need to bring your own table, your own chairs and I can’t tell you where it is until 1 hour before. Hope to see you there! Wait, what? Why would I… Read More

Comfy and Affordable Way to Travel Around Europe Europe is all about travel. One of the reasons so many backpackers flock here is for the convenience and closeness of each country. Living in the second most expensive city in the world, I have to find less expensive travel options to enjoy all that Europe has to offer. IDBus has made that possible for me. They are my new “go-to” transport to get… Read More

The countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated world cup’s in decades. Starting tomorrow night, June 12th, 2014, the first match between Brazil and Croatia will kick of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fans from around the world, Brazilian or not, are anxious to get their national FIFA gear on, wave their flags, paint their faces and represent their country with pride. Brazil is known as one the football… Read More

In the basking hot sun, the Parisian masses came out yesterday to watch the final match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic for Roland Garros-The French Open. Just as you would in your living room, but with a way better view, Parisians filled the lawns of Champ de Mars park. Shirtless men and women with large sun hats, attempted to survive the heat as they watched their favorite tennis pro’s on the… Read More

“Ryanair is the worst airline in the world” a website that actually exists. I was dumbfounded by the reality of its exsistance after I searched obsessively for reason’s not to fly Ryanair. How can this site even exist? Wouldn’t Ryanair take this site down? Yet, does this site exist only to give motivation for a few angry travelers and is Ryanair actually one of the smartest airlines in the world? I heard… Read More