Why Ryanair is not the worst airline in the world


“Ryanair is not the worst airline” selfie.

“Ryanair is the worst airline in the world” a website that actually exists. I was dumbfounded by the reality of its exsistance after I searched obsessively for reason’s not to fly Ryanair. How can this site even exist? Wouldn’t Ryanair take this site down? Yet, does this site exist only to give motivation for a few angry travelers and is Ryanair actually one of the smartest airlines in the world?

I heard before moving to Europe the catastrophe that was Ryanair. Similar to Spirit Airlines in the U.S, everyone warned me about this rock bottom low-cost carrier. However, as a master of cheap travel, Ryanair came up as the least-expensive option even with airport transfer costs for my recent trip to Dublin from Paris. (additional, 17 euro for one hour bus ride to BV airport from central Paris). Plus, I wanted to try and see what all the fuss about. Was it truley the “worst airline in the world”.

I was thrilled along with terrified, never paying so little for a flight in my life, 30 euro? I can barely go out for dinner and a beer for that price, and you want to fly me somewhere? Perhaps we all pedal at the same time on one enormous bicycle under the plane in order to take off. Or is there the chance we don’t have seats. No matter what the possibility I thought for sure this was my death trip since it was so cheap. However, I was more than surprised after I surprisingly landed safely in Dublin. A smooth ride and speedy service was what I received and not what I expected after flying, “the worst airline in the world”.


Safety card on the seat; no questions in an emergency

Reasons why Ryanair is so cheap:

 1.  You get only what you pay for a seat.

2.  They make all their money off your mistakes.

3. You have to buy everything including water.

4. Advertising, Advertising, Advertising.

1. If you are looking for free drinks, DirectTv or your seat to even recline, then this is not your airline. Ryanair is a bus in the sky. They offer anything you could possibly want, drinks, food, duty-free items, shuttle bus tickets but you are going to have to pay for all of it. However, if you are only taking a one hour flight, which is the case with many cities in Europe, will you not survive without a Diet Coke?

2. Ryanair has very strict check-in guidelines. If you don’t follow their rules, you will pay the price, a very hefty price.

  • Check-in up to 2 hours before your flight (70 euro fee)
  • Print your boarding pass (70 euro fee)
  • One large carry on bag that must be the following dimensions:55cmx40cmx20cm, weighing no more than 10kg. In addition you get one personal bag, 35cmx20cmx20cm.( 25 euro per small bag during off-season, 35 euro during high season)

When first reading these guidelines, my skin was boiling. What airline has the nerve to charge someone 70 euro for their boarding pass. Though the one thing I do credit them for is, they give you plenty of warning before you arrived. I received several emails with the warnings signs letting me know, “Avoid the fines”. Well, they can say ” It’s not like I didn’t tell you so”

3. Ryanair is not a luxury airline. This is where being strategic comes into play. You know if you are flying Ryanair it is to save money. So, you can’t be mad at them when they charge you for coffee on board. Buy what beverages you need at the airport or do what I do which is pack food for the trip from home. It is surprising how well  certain  foods travel and this way you won’t be angered by the 5 euro bag of chips on board.


Advertising everywhere; why your tickets so cheap

4. Advertising gives companies the extra boost they need. Ryanair advertises possible more than Times Square. The overhead compartments have advertisements and they are constantly on the overhead speaker selling something. However, I understood it because again, you get what you pay for.

Why Ryanair may be geniuses?

After taking my 17 euro, one hour bus ride at 6:30am from Porte Malliott in Paris, (the only public transport way to get to BV) I arrived at the tiny Beauvais Airport. The benefit to the bus service is the VIP drop off in front of the Ryanair gate, which is one of only two airlines at the airport. When I collected my bags from the bus, I scurried to the check-in line hoping to relieve the anxiety over whether they will charge me for my bag if 1cm too large. I was ready for duty with boarding pass in hand and bag measured. Your not gonna get me Ryanair, not this girl!

I was eyeing the line to see who would be the first one served with the boarding pass or check-in fee. To my surprise, I found only prepared soldiers, such as myself ready to defeat Ryanair’s extra cost tactics. And  for this reason, I have never gone through airport check-in so fast in my life. The normal treacherous, slow, long and dreadful line waiting behind confused travelers trying to slide their credit card and passports through the check-in kiosks that either do not work or closed, was all but non-existent here.  So, after all this, are Ryanair’s guidelines crazy or just a genius solution?

I would have to say genius. You threaten fees to the customer and customer’s will listen. We don’t want to pay them and they don’t want to do the extra work. It costs nothing if you are staying at a hotel to print a boarding pass, we all check-in online anyway and if your flight is short, BYOB!

I was thrilled with this speed check-in. No arguments, no closed kiosks, hand over your piece of paper and you are on your way. Though I would like a reclining seat and some free water, I still will fly Ryanair again. Fast and friendly service with a safe landing is all I need for a 30 euro plane ticket.


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