Best Places to Watch the 2014 World Cup in Paris


The countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated world cup’s in decades. Starting tomorrow night, June 12th, 2014, the first match between Brazil and Croatia will kick of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fans from around the world, Brazilian or not, are anxious to get their national FIFA gear on, wave their flags, paint their faces and represent their country with pride.

Brazil is known as one the football capitals of the world. Filled with die hard fans who live, breathe and sweat the game. Though Brazil may be hosting the matches this year, the country its self is struggling to defend why it is the best place to be for the 2014 World Cup. With transportation strikes, outrageous ticket prices, stadium concerns and security issues, many have decided to stay put somewhere else in the world then travel to where the action is. Though watching a game live will always offer the best and loudest element, you can still get in the mood at many World Cup events happening all over the world.

If have you decided to save the thousands on a 2014 World Cup ticket and watch the game elsewhere, there are plenty of places to get you in the stadium vibe. Here in Paris, whether your living or visiting, the mood will be ready for the first match tomorrow, starting at 10pm Parisian time. Brazilian bars around the city are preparing to get you in the World Cup or (Coupe de Monde in French), spirit including KIA motors who is providing an enormous floating Brazilian oasis on the Seine. GOOOOAAAALLLLL!

2014 World Cup in Paris

2014 World Cup in Paris

Where to watch the 2014 World Cup in Paris:

1. KIA Cabana: L’oasis Bresilienne a Paris

Located on the Seine between Port Champs-Elysees, this tropical oasis in the heart of Paris transports you to the heart of Brazil without ever leaving the city. Sponsored by KIA motors, the oasis is filled with palm trees, bars, dance floors, a restaurant, children’s activities and of course, TV’s to watch the matches. Open everyday from June 12th to July 13th, drinks are completely affordable, (5 euro for a Brahma Beer or Mojito) and the food offers a wide variety of Brazilian fair. Find more information at Metro: Champs Elysees

2. Favela Chic

If you want to use your foot moves while watching foot moves on TV then this is your place. A Brazilian restaurant that turns into a lively nightclub in the evenings, will be hosting the World Cup matches with a DJ and a high party atmosphere. Each match will offer a speciality food item of the night and speciality drinks, beginning tomorrow night with Burger des Balkans. 18 Rue du Faubourd du Temple, Metro: Republique,

3. Cuba Comagnie

This traditional Brazilian bar located in the 11th, offers a great South American atmosphere. Apparently they make one killer Brazilian Caipirinha and the best part is tomorrow they are only 5 euro! The pre-gaming starts at 6pm to get energized for the late night match and enjoy  an early dinner from their delicious tapas menu. 48 Bd. Beaumarchais, Metro: Chemin Vert,

4. Belushi’s 

A European sports bar chain among most of western European, Belushi’s offers  one of the loudest atmospheres you can get. With outdoor seating and great views of the canal, Belushi’s is ready to serve you and 20 of your friends for all the World Cup matches. An ideal place for large groups, they offer speciality pricing for groups over 10. Why you need to see at least one match at Belushi’s? Their burger special. Belushi’s is offering The X-Tudo. A massive triple Brazilian burger topped with string fries and a fried egg. I’m thinking a new must on the bucketlist for meat eaters. 159 Rue de Crimee, Metro: Crimee,

5. The Great Canadian

I understand if a Canadian bar sounds the exact opposite of where you would watch the World Cup. However, this is my go-to spot for sports, especially as a North American. The Great Canadian always plays the major sporting events from around the world, guaranteed. Though a little pricey at times, they offer daily specials such as 20 euro San Miguel beer buckets and wing night on Wednesdays. Centrally located in Saint Michel, The Great Canadian will televise every World Cup match with staff completely dressed up in full FIFA gear. Tomorrow night for the first match, they will be hosting Fireball shot promotions and specials. Get there early to grab a seat because it will be packed for the big match. 25 Quai des Grands Augustins, Metro: Saint Michel-Notre Dame.

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