Paris Street Fashion; How to Dress Like a TRUE Parisian

As we near the commencement of Summer, I have been desperate to coordinate only the best outfits to blend in as a true Parisian living in the 7th. Before leaving for the City of Lights, I grabbed every Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue I could find hunting for the best Paris street fashion. Unfortunately, as I suspected, I come to find out that the street fashion was the normal groupies dressed in assembles that most will only dream of affording.

True Parisian woman are practical. They wear clothes that will survive the city pollution, shoes that help them run to catch the metro and dresses that survive the daily potential rainstorm. They are some of the most beautiful and strongest women I have ever encountered. No matter what the situation, they make practical, look amazing and affordable. That being said I have decided to devote a weekly fashion segment to these wonder women of Paris.

My goal is to select affordable outfits for 80 euro or under. All with the ability for purchase at stores internationally known, not only in Paris.  There are essential fashion staples I have noticed in the city for every season which I will bring to you weekly, listed as “Paris Essential”. Though Elle may offer the newest Gucci street style, I will share with you the secret to blend in as true Parisian on your next journey in the City of Lights.

With today being the eve of my 33 birthday, what better way to celebrate than to show off my “birthday suit”. This outfit is a dedication to the start of summer and staying young in Paris. Paris Essential: Wedges.

Every Parisian women rocks a pair with jeans, shorts or a dress. They are the only shoes for summer that can handle the cobblestone sidewalks and the metro stairs.


Photo by Varshita Chand, @Varshita



Photo by Varshita Chand, @Varshita

Dress: Forever 21, 18 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand, @Varshita

Sunglasses:  H & M, 6.95 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand, @Varshita

Necklace: Forever 21, 2.95 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand, @Varshita

Wedges: H & M, 24.99 euro

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