Summer Sales in Paris

Summer Sales Have Arrived in Paris

Summer Sales Have Arrived in Paris

Paris may be the second most expensive city in the world, but this summer, the fashion is not! Summer sales have arrived and as France (and America) look forward to celebrating their independence this July, Paris is celebrating their freedom to shop.

This week commenced the spree of epic summer bargains all over Paris. Every single store covered their windows with the loudest and largest discount signs in stock, 50, 60 and wait….70% off!!! I had a discount blackout because I don’t know about you, but there is no better weekend buzz to me than showing off your new fabulous clothes to friends that were a killer bargain.

Me-“Guess, how much this was, just guess? You will never believe how much I got this for”

I will be saying these words for a while after stocking my closet with the newest Paris street fashion to bring to you at a killer deal. If you weren’t already sweating from the summer heat, you will be after listening to all the bargain talk. I apologize now friends and possibly to the homeless guy on the metro for all my excitement.


Every store from international brands, Gap, H& M, Guess to local Parisian boutiques, no window is uncovered with “Soldes” signs. The best part? Most sales are the entire month of July and not finishing up until the first weekend in August! Some may vary but as a tourist in Paris, this is your chance to snag AFFORDABLE Parisian fashion.

Whether you are traveling, visiting or just stuck for a one night layover, try to make shopping in July apart of your adventure. Your best souvenir will be bragging rights.

Everyone else in the world-“Where did you get that amazing outfit?”

You– “Paris and guess how much I got it for”

Shop Happy!

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