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Brighter is better! Even in the gloomiest of weather, Parisian’s still find away to brighten up the sky all summer long. Bright colored dresses, pants, flowered patterns with perfectly matching shoes create a warm ensemble to heat up any day of summer. It is easy to spot a Parisian woman among the packed summer crowds because she will always be wearing a dress or skirt, never shorts. Bright colors, flowered patterns or… Read More

What Not to Wear as a Tourist in Paris Tuesday Paris Street Fashion is a guide to the everyday Parisian street styles and an insider on what real people wear. As a new Parisian myself, I wanted to blend in as much as possible, even before I made the move to make this my home. However, before I could I had to first try and blend in as a tourist. Paris was the… Read More

It’s summer time! The sun is hot, the weather is warm and the only we can think of to cool down is, where is the beach? As most of us plan our summer vacations and weekend trips, we try to escape as much as possible to the nearest sand to water point. Whether it be the ocean or lake, we will do anything to cool off and relax. However, for many of… Read More

  When deciding to pack up and leave it all behind in the States for Paris, one of the things on my Parisian dreams list was to experience the real French Bastille Day. Now as a Parisian, which I can officially refer to it as La Fete Nationale, I planned on experiencing every single July 14th festivity the City of Lights had to offer. I had already done my research on the… Read More

It is no mystery why Paris is the City of Light’s. From Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower, the city light’s illuminate every magnificent piece of Parisian history until the morning hours, offering night owl’s plenty of all night adventures. Though filled with beauty and brilliance during the day, the city truly shines when the night time lights come on and sun goes down.Preparing us for the glamorous evening ahead. The Paris nightlife is always open…. Read More

July is the month of proud and revolutionary holidays. As the USA commences their independence on July 4th, France prepares for their proudest and most celebrated holiday on July 14th, Bastille Day (English) or La Fete Nationale (French) This French national holiday has been so gloriously celebrated in France since the 1700’s, that it has created festivities all over the world. Bastille Day is the celebration commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution on… Read More

One of my favorite things I have done living in Paris so far was visiting Monet’s Garden in Giverny. Only 75km outside of Paris, this is a great day trip to escape the city and explore the house where the impressionist genius lived and found inspiration for his most beautiful creations. You truly feel like you are walking right into one of his paintings and see it come to life. Already aware… Read More

Happy Tuesday! For those of you who have been in Paris the last couple weeks you might have noticed the more than cooler July temperatures. Chilly evenings, rain storms and windy afternoons has created the feeling of fall more than summer. Making the invitation for your favorite outdoor activities difficult, let along showing off your best summer wardrobe. If I wasn’t already jealous of those who celebrated 4th of July this weekend,… Read More

  Summer is officially here and no summer agenda is complete without a visit to the town carnival! Candied apples, Ferris wheels and all your favorite games make for a perfect summer evening. When I thought this age old tradition couldn’t get any better….what about including a view of the Louvre! The thing I love most about Paris, there is always something new to discover. Many of the city events I have… Read More

It’s that time of year again. When supermen with calves the size of watermelons take on the streets of France to battle out in one of the best and most famous spectating sports in the world, the Tour de France. Today, July 5th, riders officially commenced the 101st Tour de France with a 190.5 km first stage from Leeds to Harrogate, England. Riding through the mountains and countryside, overcoming everything from tough… Read More