Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

My favorite Parisian Brands

My favorite Parisian Brands

Dress: Etam, 15 euro

Everywhere I turn there they are, 70%, 60% off signs in every direction. The metro is actually started looking like a good sanctuary for the month of July because  my anxiety level is at a level I can barely handle because I want it all! Dresses, shoes, purses, necklaces and well anything else the store can possibly tempt your credit card with is discounted at a ridiculous rate. Though as lucky as I am to have pure access to the best Parisian fashions, I feel it is almost robbery. I feel everyone should have access to these stores especially when actually afford in addition to your grocery bill! I decided this week for Tuesday Paris Street Fashion to give you the same store access that I enjoy (but my bank card despises) by handing you the list of affordable Parisian chains.

Though my weekly assembles will be brands with easy  international accessibility, the following chains, which some many of you might be familiar with, that are French based.  All have on-line stores, some with international shipping others with availability to pickup at the store should you be coming to the City of Lights. If not, thankfully there is Videdressing.us which provides all the Parisian brands, even with the sale prices, woohoo!

Videdressing.us, offers not only Parisian but other exclusive international brands unavailable outside their country. Offering vintage clothing as well as all newest fashions shipping is available for you to enjoy on home soil. As Paris is a city meant for dreaming, you can no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you are heading to Paris this summer or want to dream Parisian at home, here are a list of the most accessable chains along with my favorites. Men, I got you covered too! After some intensive research, I got the scoop from local guys about the favorite Parisian brands.

Summer just got a whole lot brighter!

Women’s Fashion

1. Sudexpress– casual wear, accessories, shoes with agreeable solid colors and prints. From khakis, to leapord and floral designs, they offer clothing for any fun occassion. Ideal for women searching for a modern look without being overbaring. Great for picnic gear to everyday jeans.


2. Promod-casual to evening wear, accessories, perfume, shoes with bolder patterns and bright colors. This is one of my favorite chains in Paris. Not only for the fun patterns but for reasonable pricing all year. Ideal for women searching to brighten up their closet and express the perfect outfit for wine tastings with girlfriends and dresses for night’s out on the town.


3. Pimkie-casual day to evening wear, accessories, shoes with tons of fun and funky prints. From shirts, shorts, dresses and leggings, get any lively pattern you desire with a pair of cute shoes to match. Ideal for the young, hip girl who wants to make a statement.


4. Etam-casual day to evening wear, business attire, swimwear, accessories. This is my favorite of all the French chains. Why? It is my one stop shop for feeling glamorous in my thirties without leveling my bank account. Etam offers casual wear that is sophisticated and fun while bringing professional yet sexy business attire. Ideal for women ready for a sophisticated, sexy and upbeat look.


5. Morgan-casual to evening wear, accessories, shoes with patterns and designs only the “girliest” girl would love. From polk-a-dots, florals and beautiful colored dresses, this is a perfect place to find a dress for a wedding or special occassion. Ideal for the woman who really wants to show off the most of her feminie side.


6. Petit Bateau-casual wear, accessories, shoes. Ahhooyyy Maty! If you missed your chance as a French sailor, you now have your chance. As striped shirts are the uniform of summer, you can complete the full sailor look with all the neautical gear and colors you desire. If heading to the South of France this year is on your agenda, than you will be more than prepared. Ideal for those looking for a nautical, casual day look.


petit.bateau.us for USA shipping

7. NafNaf-casual to evening wear, accessories, shoes. Pretty in lace, simple designs and unique colors, NafNaf offers clothing ready for any Sunday family outing. Ideal for the women searching for a fashionable look while staying modest.


Men’s Fashion

1. Celio-casual wear, business attire, accessories, shoes. Though Celio has become an international name, it is a French based brand that regins superior throughout the Parisian streets. From polo’s to World Cup jersey’s and bright shorts for summer, Celio lets any guy feel beach ready even in the middle of the city. Ideal for men searching for a “bright” casual French look.


2. Brice-casual wear, business attire, coats, accessories. One thing I have always admired about French men is, their ability to dress everyday for work as if they are headed for the Gucci runway. I now know how they do it without spending a fortune because of stores like Brice. Brice offers sophisticated suits and business attire for the man with a busy agenda. Ideal for men wanting to dress to impress, for work and everyday life.


3. Devred-casual wear, business attire, accessories, shoes. Founded in 1902, Devred is a well known French brand that offers a wide variety on a dime! At affordable prices, any design, color or accessory is at your disposale. Ideal for men searching for an all around modest look in a one stop shop.


4. Jules-casual wear, business attire, accessories, shoes. Sophosticated designs, unique colors and impressive three piece suites, brings this upscale brand to life. Just as JT brought sexy back, so does Jules. Ideal for men searching for the true, impressive Parisian look.



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