Only in France; Experiences that Won’t Happen Anywhere Else

McDonald's sells Macaroons?

McDonald’s Sells Macaroons?

I have to admit, I am a fairly new citizen of the Twitter world. As new a “Tweeter” “Tweety” “Tweetster” or one of the many names I keep discovering, you need a dictionary for all the popular hashtags. Though beginning my Tweeting journey, which I am pretty certain I thought I hashtagged something about fashion and it was for horse farming, I found there is a tag for everything!  Since my focus is finding the best Parisian updates, I was about to go hashtag crazy when I found about #onlyinfrance.

#onlyinfrance is a collection of Tweets filled with pictures and quotes from travelers, along with locals, posting things that truly only someone who has been here can say,”OMG, that is soo true!” Things, you just can’t make up. I found this awesome article in the, a French news site written in English with some of the best #onlyinfrance tweets. The collection keeps growing and I can’t wait to continue adding my, “really?”, adventures.

This new finding, has created an enormous replay of the millions of #onlyinfrance moments I’ve had within the last 7 months. So, as I continue to add to this great collection, here are a few of my favorite #onlyinfrance moments. (Of course, all of this attempt in the best French possible).

Can I Please Have a Large Cup of Coffee to Go?

Can I Please Have a Large Cup of Coffee to Go?

1. “Are those 12 year kids smoking cigarettes and drinking espresso after school at an outdoor cafe……….and no one has called Nancy Grace?”

2. “Can I please have a large cup of coffee to go?”

3. “Will there be fruit and energy snacks for after the bike race? Oh, you are only serving baguette with pate sandwiches and Pierre.”

4. “There is foie gras on the buffet at the highway rest stop?”

5. “The trains are on strike…………….again?? They were just on strike last week.”

6. “Is that the construction crew? Each drinking a bottle of wine on their lunch break in the middle of the sidewalk?”

7. “McDonald’s sells macaroons?”

Before I Dance to the Next Song, I want to Grab an Espresso from the Bar

Before I Dance to the Next Song, I want to Grab an Espresso from the Bar

8. “Is that a macaroon dispenser?”

9. “Is that guy at the end of the bar drinking espresso at 3am in a nightclub?”

10. “So, wait if I want to print a bank balance, deposit a check, deposit cash or make a withdrawal, there is a separate machine for every single one?”


If you are Tweeter and have your own personal stories or see things along the way ensure to use the #onlyinfrance on Twitter. Not a Tweetster, than I would love to hear your stories here!








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