18 Things you will Miss about the USA Living in France


Happy 4th of July everyone!  As today is one of my favorite holidays in the USA, I realized how much I took for granted the things I had at home. Walgreens, toilet seats, big cups of coffee, 7-11 and especially the American holidays. Though I love living in France and there is plenty of red, white and blue, mostly to represent France’s huge World Cup game against Germany tonight, the stars and stripes at a bbq I will surely miss today. So whether your grilling up a bbq, seeing some fireworks or drinking a “silver bullet” by the lake, enjoy every minute of it for us abroad who are missing a little piece of home.

18 Things you will Miss about the USA Living in France

1. 24 hour 7-11. The days I wish I could just stop by to grab an emergency item at 3am. There are convenience stores open late but they are normally overpriced and close at weird hours sometimes just for lunch. Doesn’t seem very convenient to me?

2. Walgreens. A pharmacy is just a pharmacy in France, medicine only. No one stop shop for medicine, snacks, detergent, beer or any weird items that you know they will have at midnight.

3. Shopping on Sunday.  If you need it for Sunday then I hoped you grabbed it on Saturday because the days of running out to the store when you forgot sonething for the Sunday bbq don’t exsit here. Everything is closed on Sundays and a lot on Monday.

4. Thanksgiving

5. Grabbing change at the bank. It would make sense to get change from the bank first but in France it’s the last place you want to go. Bank tellers do not carry any cash, which is smart for security reasons but for those of us uses to going to the bank for change, it sucks. Just plan on buying something to break your bills.

6. One dollar packs of gum. One thing I could not believe was how expensive gum was. Most gum, the really cheap one was 3 euro. That’s almost $4!! I never thought I would be begging for Wrigleys in my life. Bring gum from the US if you can.

7. Running errands on your lunch break. When you go to lunch, so does the bank. The banks (and some post offices) close for 2 hours from 12-2pm so ensure to make your coffee break your bank break too.

8. Getting your check within 10 minutes.  If you plan on grabbing a quick bite at a restaurant,  forget it. Eating in a restaurant is an event and usually when you ask for the check it can sometimes take up to 45 minutes.  Also, culturally it is considered impolite to walk up and ask repeatedly.  If your in a rush, grab a street crepe.

9. Mexican food. Burritos is not an item you think of when eating in one of the culinary capitols of the world. But when you have been living here as long as I have you want to mix things up. Though all food has been amazing here, I decided to try local Mexican food and have to say it is the one item not on the list of expertise. When I was served what tasted like tomato soup instead of salsa, I think I will stick to the fromage plate.

10. Large cups of coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love the strong French petite coffees but sometimes I just want a nice sized to-go cup of coffee and where is the only place I can get it, wait for it…….McDonald’s or Starbucks. If you are in need of a big American cup, these are the only places you can get it.

11. 4th of July.

12. Toilet seats. In Paris, most bathrooms have toilet seats but start getting out in the country and get ready for a quad workout.

13. Doggie Bags. The great part about the smaller meal sizes is you actually finish your plate. However, if you get to a restaurant with larger portions expect to share or a long stare from the server when you ask to “wrap it up”.

14. Nice smelling gyms, trains and nightclubs. I don’t think I have to explain this one.

15. Transportation that runs on time. Normally, the transportation is great and very well organized. The one thing that is tough to get use to is the insane amount the public transport goes on strike. In the time I have been here they have gone on strike at least once per month, does not make for a smooth ride.

16. Pedestrians first. It seems the pedestrian first rule does not really apply here, only if it means pedestrians are the first to get hit.  How stupid of me to go on a green crosswalk sign!

17. Non-smoking restaurants that are ACTUALLY non-smoking restaurants.

18. Things getting fixed in a week. Any time I have had to get something fixed or repaired it always seems to take a month. Or when someone gets back from holiday or just sometime in the future…..whenever that is.

6 Comments on “18 Things you will Miss about the USA Living in France

  1. The East Coast got the first hurricane last night. Hurricane Arthur. I’ll bet you don’t miss that in Paris. BTW, does France get any hurricanes???

    • I have to say hurricanes were not on my miss list 😉 Stay safe and as far as I know there are no hurricanes at least in Paris cause were far enough from the coast

  2. Wow, first time reader on your blog and I am impressed!!! I loved your list and learned a lot of the fun facts I would like to know about your new home. Bravo! I’m off to read some other posts. Happy 4th, Love and I’m so proud of you!!!

    • Aww, thank you very much for the kind words, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it! It is amazing the little things I never thought I would miss and I continue to find more. Thank you so much reading and the support!

    • Ha, ha, you are very right! I never would have thought I would say, I took Cheez-Itz for granted. Thank you for reading, I appreciate the support!

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