Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

Happy Tuesday! For those of you who have been in Paris the last couple weeks you might have noticed the more than cooler July temperatures. Chilly evenings, rain storms and windy afternoons has created the feeling of fall more than summer. Making the invitation for your favorite outdoor activities difficult, let along showing off your best summer wardrobe. If I wasn’t already jealous of those who celebrated 4th of July this weekend, I am extremely jealous of those who enjoyed a WARM 4th of July bbq.

I love summer, especially for the fashion. Yet, with the weather being tricky lately, I had to find ways to still look “summery” while continuing to stay warm. This lead to this week’s ensemble for those preparing for the cooler summer days and nights. I normally don’t consider Zara for Tuesday Paris Street Fashion because they are more on the expensive side but I am not going to lie, I love to look. Luckily, when “window” shopping, I was able to find these killer pants for only 29 euro making a perfect addition to these week’s Paris essential, flat sandals.

As important as the ballerina’s are year around, so are the flat sandals for summer. Even with the cool streak, women still rock their favorite pair of trendy flats waiting for the sun to return. I am crossing my fingers that summer will reappear this weekend for the big Bastille Day celebration but until then, Parisian women will continue to look fabulous rain or shine.

Paris Essential: Flat Sandals

 Summer Storm: 76.95 euro


IMG_0706Pants: Zara, 29 euro

IMG_0704Flat Sandals: Mango, 7.95 euro

IMG_0702Necklace: Zara, 12 euro

IMG_0646Blazer: Forever 21, 28 euro

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