Summer Beaches of Paris


It’s summer time! The sun is hot, the weather is warm and the only we can think of to cool down is, where is the beach? As most of us plan our summer vacations and weekend trips, we try to escape as much as possible to the nearest sand to water point. Whether it be the ocean or lake, we will do anything to cool off and relax. However, for many of us who live in the big cities, attempting to make the sand to water dreams come true is a bit more difficult. Luckily, here in Paris for those of us who can’t make it to the beach this summer, Paris brought the beach to us.


This past Saturday, July 19th was opening weekend of Paris Plages. Everyday from now until August 17th, the banks of the Seine have turned it’s sidewalks into premier river front beaches among two main locations, Louvre to Pont de Sully and Bassin de la Villete in the 19th.


Louvre to Pont de Sully, is 3k of sand through central Paris and is equipped with lounge chairs, umbrellas, kids playgrounds (including ziplining and rock climbing), bocce ball and plenty of space for rollerblading. You can bring your own picnic or grab a beer at the “boardwalk” or even an ice cream. Of course, you won’t be able to jump in the water to cool off but you can still get the summer tan without ever leaving the city.


Bassin de La Villete, gives you not only the beach but a full playground of activities.This area stretching from Rotonde de Ledoux to Rue de Crimee, will give you the chance to finally cool off in the outdoor pool looking over the river. In between swims, why not rent a kayak or paddle boat. After you can grab your friends to play on one of the many volleyball courts before heading over to the local restaurant nearby in the evening.


So, grab your best bikini, some great music and close your eyes while you feel the sand on your toes and experience a small summer escape from everyday reality in the city.


Paris Plages (beaches) is open everyday from 9am to midnight until August 17th, 2014.


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