Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

Brighter is better! Even in the gloomiest of weather, Parisian’s still find away to brighten up the sky all summer long. Bright colored dresses, pants, flowered patterns with perfectly matching shoes create a warm ensemble to heat up any day of summer.

It is easy to spot a Parisian woman among the packed summer crowds because she will always be wearing a dress or skirt, never shorts. Bright colors, flowered patterns or plain solid dresses is the noticeable uniform for the women of summer. Paired with great accessories, flat sandals or wedges, Parisian women know how to take a simple look and make it unique while continuing to keep “cool”

Keeping cool on those hot summer days is not only effected by your style but also by your hair. The high French Bun tight or even slightly messy, is a look rocked flawlessly by Parisians. The name obviously gives suit to the women who made this look so glamorous.

This week’s Tuesday Paris Street Fashion highlights two Paris essentials with a retro twist. Big round sunglasses, a slim essential bright Parisian summer dress with the classic French bun conveys a classic vibe that can brighten up even the darkest summer days.

Paris Essential: Bright Summer Dress, French Bun

Ray of Sunshine 79.80 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

                                                 Dress: Zara,34.95 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita



Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

                                                Shoes:  Zara, 29.95 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

                                       SunglassesH&M, 6.95 euro (repeat)


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

                                             Purse: Forever 21, 7.95 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

                                  Earrings:  Specialty Design from Singapore

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