Monthly Archives: July 2014

Happy 4th of July everyone!  As today is one of my favorite holidays in the USA, I realized how much I took for granted the things I had at home. Walgreens, toilet seats, big cups of coffee, 7-11 and especially the American holidays. Though I love living in France and there is plenty of red, white and blue, mostly to represent France’s huge World Cup game against Germany tonight, the stars and… Read More

I have to admit, I am a fairly new citizen of the Twitter world. As new a “Tweeter” “Tweety” “Tweetster” or one of the many names I keep discovering, you need a dictionary for all the popular hashtags. Though beginning my Tweeting journey, which I am pretty certain I thought I hashtagged something about fashion and it was for horse farming, I found there is a tag for everything!  Since my focus… Read More

Dress: Etam, 15 euro Everywhere I turn there they are, 70%, 60% off signs in every direction. The metro is actually started looking like a good sanctuary for the month of July because  my anxiety level is at a level I can barely handle because I want it all! Dresses, shoes, purses, necklaces and well anything else the store can possibly tempt your credit card with is discounted at a ridiculous rate. Though as lucky… Read More