Tuesday Paris Street Fashion


Real Women of Paris

As I continue to research and admire all the beautiful women and their fashion among the streets of Paris, I decided I needed to pay tribute to some of these women themselves. Many women I see on the street I have to just stop and ask, “Please tell me where you found your outfit?” Though before I find out where the real women are shopping, it is best to show the real women themselves.

Every week I dive into the stores that are accessible to you at home and put together the most Parisian street ensemble I can find. However, there are some women who just look too wonderful that I could never replicate their style. So, this week I am bringing you “The Real Women of Paris” These women I stopped on the street in their daily routine and asked their names and where they purchased their outfits. Though some of these stores are only in Paris, you can find them of course online. These women are of different ages groups to represent all women of Paris and who’s fashion could never been worn as well as they do it.



Marie, Paris, 17 years old

Shoes: H & M

Jumper: NK

Hat: Accessories



Amandine, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 31 years old

Dress: Sinequanone


Sophie, Paris, 32 years old

Dress: Saudro

Jacket: Naje

Shoes: Sergio Rossi

50’s +


Catherine, Paris, 50 years old

Dress: Paul Ka

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