Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

Paris, like any major city in the world, has it’s stereotypes for how outsiders visualize the local habitants to act or dress. We see the drawings of the mime with the striped black and white shirt and the black baret mimicking the local tourists. The woman with the flowy dress riding the bicycle with the basket full of baguettes. The romantic couple at the cafe smoking cigarettes and drinking wine in the moonlight. Then finally every man and women with a perfectly tied scarf. Though you will not see the mime with the baret and the black and white striped shirt, there is one of these that is not a stereotype at all but an essential piece of becoming a fashionable Parisian. That signature item is, the scarf.

Whether its winter or summer wearing a perfectly tied scarf with any outfit is the key to blending in with Parisian street style. Black, white, red, blue, striped, checkered or even if you have a closet full of designs, the scarf is almost as important as the black tie on a tuxedo. It is has to be looking sharp and clean at all times.

Though it might be summer, the scarf still is a necessity and can be a warmer on the way to the party. Yet in winter, the scarf is a part of the party. Summer scarfs are normally light and have brighter designs during the summer months but when winter comes, the scarf stays on all night. Not only to keep you warm but to accent your style like a true Parisian, man or a woman, the scarf is essential. You can buy them from any boutique or even street vendors who provide inexpensive but fabulous looking options.

This week’s Tuesday Paris Street Fashion highlights this true Paris accessory for those colder summer nights and for when the party gets started any time of year. Photos taken at Invalides.

Becoming Parisian

76.98 euro

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Scarf: Street Vendor, 10 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Pants: H & M, 24.99 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Black Tank: H & M, 6.99 euro


Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

        Shoes: Nine West, 35 euro

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Add On-Necklace: Hema, 9 euro

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Add On-Blazer: Forever 21, 28 euro (repeat)




2 Comments on “Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

  1. Ah, super chic! I have so many scarves folded away somewhere… I need to get them out so I remember to wear them! They definitely totally change an outfit.


    • Thanks for your comment Lydia! You are right, they spark up an outfit and I am sure you have a fabulous selection. Here in Paris, you get so many great ideas by just walking down the street, I am never out of ideas for a new look.

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