Tuesday Paris Street Fashion




Many of us at some point in our childhood or perhaps even in our adult life, have seen the original film version of the, The Sound of Music. An overly happy musical featuring Julie Andrews who we all remember best for her scene of spinning around on top of the Alps singing her heart out that the hills are alive with music. No matter when you watched it, at that point you could take a deep sigh as you were overwhelmed with a smile and happiness as you escaped with Julie. Though The Sound of Music wasn’t my all time favorite films or musicals, the beauty of the Alps captured me and I like many other women only thought, I want to spin one day on top of the Alps in a dress! Well, one day finally came.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Europe is the ability to travel comfortably and affordability from country to country. Though ironically, train is the most expensive, you have the accessibility to travel over several means of transport and be in another country within hours or even less than hour.

For this week’s Tuesday Paris Street Fashion, I decided to take my own individual Paris street fashion and bring it to Switzerland with me on my weekend trip to see the land of Alps. Though I normally would never hike to the top of a mountain in a dress, this was a well worth exception to the rule. These photos were taken atop of Mt. Rigi in the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland located in the northern, German speaking part of the country. www.rigi.ch

Among the beautiful views from this mountain, there is great access to lodges, hiking trails and camping. From the pictures I saw, the winter looks like it would be even more breath taking and I hope to return to see the snow sprinkle on these high peaks. If you are on a short trip to Lucerne and want to do just a day trip, there is luckily a train that takes you right to the top, which was helpful on this trip as I will save the hiking for next time.

As I said in a few prior posts, light summery dresses are the essentials here during summer for Parisian women. This week’s dress is light, flowy and cheap! There is no focus on shoes or other accessories, just fulfilling my dream to take amazing photos while spinning in a dress in the Swiss Alps! Thanks to my friend, Yasmina Shutz for being a great photographer.

Swiss Miss


 Dress: H &M, 34.99 euro







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