Tuesday Paris Street Fashion


We can smell it in the air, fall is near. We enjoy the last days of summer either heading to the nearest beach, putting on our favorite sundresses or hosting one last BBQ. Here in Paris, as the weather has already shown many signs of fall, we’ve begun our search for the best fall fashions. As we prepare to retire our summer wear, the most important fashion piece we ensure is in perfect condition is of course, the scarf.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the scarf is one of the essential items to becoming Parisian no matter what time of year. Winter to Summer, man or woman, Parisians have a scarf prepared for every outfit. Though you can always bring a scarf from home on your first or next visit to Paris but if you desire to truly have an “official” Parisian scarf than there is no place better to buy one than here. So, the big question is, where do I get the “real” Parisian scarf? The answer is, EVERYWHERE!

There are many upscale boutiques here in Paris that offer cashmere, silk and designer scarves that can range anywhere from 50 to 500 euro. The reality is of course, real Parisians do not buy designer scarves. They have anywhere from 10 to 20 scarfs prepared for all occasions and all types of weather. As the weather changes faster than the stock market in Paris, having a scarf on hand can be the make or break for surviving a tour through the streets of Paris on a late night out.

Local Parisians do buy scarves from some small boutiques but it is not uncommon to see them grabbing one at the checkout counter at the local Monoprix. Scarfs can start at 5 euro from a street vendor outside Saint Lazare and range from about 25 or 30 euro at Diwali. Fortunately, just as convenient as it is to buy a baguette or a bottle or wine, so is it to buy a fabulous looking scarf.

When arriving in Paris and want to put a Parisian scarf on your fashion or souvenir list, here is a list of local stores that many Parisians buy simple but fabulous scarves for a reasonable price.

1. Diwali- This trendy accessory chain has one of the best scarf selections in town. They offer a full range of colors, patterns and shapes for both men and women that will ensure to enhance any outfit. There are six locations in central Paris and visit their on-line shop ahead of time for sales and locations. www. diwali-paris.com

2. Tie Rack- With over 10 locations in Paris, this chain offers a wide selection of colorful scarfs for every season. If you’re in the mood to pick up a cute hat or gloves to match, this shop will have you prepared for the colder Parisian days. www.tie-rack.fr

3. New Look- Is a full men and women’s fashion clothing retailer with three locations in Paris. After you have selected your new Parisian outfit, grab a scarf to match from their simple but wide selection. http://www.newlook.com

4. Hermes- This is one of the most well know scarf retailers in Paris. Though more on the expensive side, they are the Parisian scarf. If you want to really get one of the originals based in Paris, this is the place to go. http://www.hermes.com

5. Monoprix- For those who know Paris, I understand if you would question this grocery retailer for scarfs but it is extremely common for Parisian women to grab a quick needed scarf here. What I consider the Target of France, the full Monoprix’s offer a wide selection of clothes and accessories. If you haven’t had the time to search for your ideal scarf yet and the weather made a turn for the worse, then a Monoprix is a one stop shop for all you need. http://www.monoprix.fr

6. Kookai- Offerinf a wide selection of women’s fashion along with unique and funky patterned scarves to liven up any winter or fall coat. There designs are constantly changing and can turn any solid shirt into a new look with just one purchase. They have several locations but the most accessible one is in Les Halles Forum. http://www.kookai.fr

7. I am- This accessory chain is part of the Beeline company and offers a wide variety of scarves with matching accessories. If you are looking for bright colors along with earrings, bracelets and necklaces to match, then this place has you covered. http://www.i-am.com/fr

8. Galeries Lafayette Street Vendors-  Lastly, as in any major city across the world, there is nothing more fun than bargaining with a street vendor. Though it is more desirable to buy your Parisian fashion items from a cool boutique, when it comes to scarves, some street vendors offer just as beautiful scarves for 5 euro. I feel the vendors in front of Galeries Lafayette have the nicest selection and bargaining is part of their art. If you want to add to your collection, grab one from here as well because you just can’t have too many Parisian scarves.

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