Monthly Archives: September 2014

We all have bucketlists. A list of items we are convinced we have to do before we die so in the afterlife we won’t be haunting the world, especially our family friends screaming, “Why did not let me go skydiving!!” Though not all these items may be so extreme, some are as simple as attending the world’s biggest beer, Oktoberfest. For me, that was a bucketlist item I was able to finally… Read More

Bright warm sunny days, crystal clear blue skies, flowers still in bloom and routine Parisians back on the streets makes September officially my favorite month of the year in Paris. As today was another hot and sunny day in September,  it was also a true representation of why you can continue to shine in your summer gear well in to the commencement of fall. It was the picture perfect day this afternoon… Read More

As the breeze in the air is getting cooler and the leaves are getting more colorful, we start saying our good byes to summer. Though it is not officially over, it is important to remember to the good times we had in the sunshine. Whether you live in the city, near the beach or even near the Northern lights, we appreciate every moment we’ve had and now have outside. It is also… Read More

Hola from Espana! For those who have traveled around Europe, you now know how easy and accessible travel here. There is a train,plane or bus to get you to another country faster than finishing your grocery shopping. The best part about this accessible travel is how inexpensive it can be. This week, as i was desperate to feel the sand on my toes from a real beach, I took advantage of a… Read More