Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

As the breeze in the air is getting cooler and the leaves are getting more colorful, we start saying our good byes to summer. Though it is not officially over, it is important to remember to the good times we had in the sunshine. Whether you live in the city, near the beach or even near the Northern lights, we appreciate every moment we’ve had and now have outside.

It is also the time we have the chance to show off everything we have worked so hard for over the winter months and the fashion we have stored and hidden in the closet. This is the time for us to shine, in the brightest colors, patterns and accessories we have been anxiously ready to wear and now, we are able to enjoy them all for months under the bright rays of the sun.

In Paris, the summer was a mix of cool styles that I tried to recreate which represented  the true women of Paris and what it means to be Parisian. It has been a blast, interviewing women, watching as they look glamorous in their daily lives in the summer sun and I look forward to seeing what they cover up with as the fall arises.

Currently, the weather has continued to stay warm and we are all enjoying showing off our summer fashion for as long as we can. This week’s Tuesday Paris Street Fashion is a “summer in review”. Full of color, travel and culture. The highlights of the transitions of the skies all summer long and what was my first summer of fashion in Paris, 2014.

Essential Paris- 56.07 euro

June 17th-Forever 21, H & M



Sailor Me Be- 70. 35 euro

June 24th-H & M, Cache-Cache, Mango


 Summer Storm-76.95 euro

July 8th-Mango, Zara, Forever 21


City of Lights-79.00 euro

July 15th-Guess, Forever 21


Ray of Sunshine-79.80 euro

July 29th-Zara, H & M, Forever 21



Becoming Parisian-76.98 euro

August 12th-H&m, Nine West, Hema

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

Photo by Varshita Chand @varshita

 Swiss Miss-34.99 euro

August 19th, Switzerland-H & M



Sangria and Sun in Barcelona-68.88 euro

September 3rd-H &M, Bershka



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