Tuesday Paris Street Fashion

Bright warm sunny days, crystal clear blue skies, flowers still in bloom and routine Parisians back on the streets makes September officially my favorite month of the year in Paris. As today was another hot and sunny day in September,  it was also a true representation of why you can continue to shine in your summer gear well in to the commencement of fall.

It was the picture perfect day this afternoon making it difficult to be in a routine instead of soaking up the rays on the grass of Champs de Mars. September seems to have a trend here I am finding out. Though many give up hope when the weather takes a turn for the worst in August, it is really just saving up the sunshine for this month. The weather is not the only great thing about this month. There are very little tourists making lines shorter and things cheaper, including clothes. I was thrilled to know that I could still enjoy all my summer dresses for days to come and there seemed no better day than today to enjoy the beautiful flowers that were still bright and in bloom than with a garden themed dress.

Today’s Tuesday Paris Street Fashion is a light, bright and springy dress that represents the glamorous side of Parisian street fashion. Though most women where more casual dresses, they love to wears patterns and designs. Though wearing a bright colors and especially white after Labor Day is considered chliche, the good part is, there is no Labor Day is September here! I have noticed many women still wearing plenty of white pants, shoes and dresses, enjoying their summer wear for as long as the sun will hold out. As for myself, I am wearing a dress from Zara I fell in love with the moment I saw it. It was perfect glamorous Paris that carried on spring and summer throughout the year.

The photos were taken at Saint Georges in the 9th, which is now one of my favorite areas and was a great spot for photo opportunities. Filled with restaurants, gourmet shops and a unique theater, it is an ideal place for a cool night out.

Garden Party, 72.99 euro


Place Saint George’s


 Dress: Zara, 29.99 euro






Shoes: Carlos Santana, 43 euro




Square Alex Biscarre



Saint George’s Theater

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