St. Patrick’s Day and the Best Irish Pubs in Paris

St. Patrick’s Day is officially one my favorite holidays. I hoped moving to Europe I would be able to experience the ultimate celebration in Dublin this year but you have to save some dreams for years to come. Since, I could not make it there this time, I was looking forward to seeing what the celebration was like living in my first European city, Paris.


Our Irish Paris Celebrations

Even without an Irish bone in my body, I feel as though I am related to the land of green, somehow.  I love everything about the Irish celebration, the parades, the costumes and of course the parties. On my adventure to Dublin 8 years ago in September they proved their reputation strong. No matter what time of year it is, they seem to celebrate as it was St.Patrick’s Day, everyday. So, one day I will check it off of the list for the official day in Dublin but until then I will see what the rest of the world has to offer.

Though I am used to the “Americanized” version of St. Patrick’s Day, I still look forward to the celebration every year. Living in Denver, I experienced one of the countries biggest and best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. An all weekend celebration with a parade, 7k runs and as much green beer as you can handle. Now, moving to Europe I was hoping the celebration would continue being so close to Ireland.

Unfortunately, it was not up to my high party standards, which I should have known. St. Patrick’s Day does not seem to be a holiday that would be widely adapted by the French. Since this is a country filled with some of the best wine in the world and about two beer companies. Plus, there is no artificial flavoring here in France, how could they make green beer!

After finishing school on St.Patrick’s Day we went to seek our experience here in Paris. There was a presence of celebrations going on, mainly around happy hour between the two most happening Irish chains, O’Sullivans and Corcoran’s. We got excited to start the night and then headed over to Finnegan’s Wake to try something new. However, by the time we got there, which seemed early around 9pm, most people had their fill by happy hour. Guinness hats were falling off and there was no evidence of Irish singing or car bombs. We got our beers and cocktails with glowing  straws and enjoyed the traditional Irish atmosphere. I could say it was the calmest end to the celebration I ever experienced but I think I knew that would happen. I officially realized this is not a widely celebrated holiday when I saw a girl wearing a Guinness hat she got in a pub that said, “Happy St. Pat’s Day, 2009.”

Do you call this recycling?

Do you call this recycling?

So, if you are in Paris on St. Patrick’s Day (or any day) and need to get Irish, here is a list of Irish pubs in Paris. Many of great music  and happy hour throughout the year and you will have no problem getting your Irish fix. If you are in Paris by chance on St. Pat’s and you want to not feel as guilty about your indulgence, then Sacre Coeur offers a noon St. Patrick’s Day mass. Stay Green my friends!

1. O’Sullivan’s. With several locations in Paris, they offer two floors of upbeat “new” Irish atmospheres. They have a large variety of beer and bar food with daily specials and happy hour until 9pm. After keep the party going till 4am for the DJ playing the best Top 40.

2. Corcoran’s. A great place to start the night out with some traidtional Irish fair and drinks. They offer daily happy hour till 9pm, dancing and a fun atmosphere in their 6 locations around Paris till the wee hours of the morning.

3. Guinness Tavern. If you are searching for a fun spot to party all night, dance and hear great music this is the place to be. They offer live concerts and great drinks. Doors open around 7pm and close when the last Guinness is drunk, around 5am. Metro stop: Les Halles

4. Finnegan’s Wake. A very traditional Irish pub with a laid back atmosphere,. Tucked away on a side street in 5th arr., it is claimed as the first Irish pub in Paris. They offer 4.50 euro beers for happy hour and though non-very Irish, a pretty good mojito too. Metro stop: Jussie

5. Galway. A great place for live, traditional Irish music, good food and relaxation. They have a wide variety of beers from all over the world and offer a good atmosphere for a pint after a long day of sightseeing. Metro stop: Saint Michel/Odeon

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