Though Tuesday Paris Street Fashion may have taken a break last week, all was too be blamed on the beautiful, warm Parisian nights. You may call it a stroke of good luck or just a freak instance but whatever brought the beautiful, warm weather in Paris the last few weeks, thank you. As this past Saturday was officially the last day that we could consider a blend of summer and fall and… Read More

Bright warm sunny days, crystal clear blue skies, flowers still in bloom and routine Parisians back on the streets makes September officially my favorite month of the year in Paris. As today was another hot and sunny day in September,  it was also a true representation of why you can continue to shine in your summer gear well in to the commencement of fall. It was the picture perfect day this afternoon… Read More

As the breeze in the air is getting cooler and the leaves are getting more colorful, we start saying our good byes to summer. Though it is not officially over, it is important to remember to the good times we had in the sunshine. Whether you live in the city, near the beach or even near the Northern lights, we appreciate every moment we’ve had and now have outside. It is also… Read More

We can smell it in the air, fall is near. We enjoy the last days of summer either heading to the nearest beach, putting on our favorite sundresses or hosting one last BBQ. Here in Paris, as the weather has already shown many signs of fall, we’ve begun our search for the best fall fashions. As we prepare to retire our summer wear, the most important fashion piece we ensure is in… Read More

    Many of us at some point in our childhood or perhaps even in our adult life, have seen the original film version of the, The Sound of Music. An overly happy musical featuring Julie Andrews who we all remember best for her scene of spinning around on top of the Alps singing her heart out that the hills are alive with music. No matter when you watched it, at that… Read More

Paris, like any major city in the world, has it’s stereotypes for how outsiders visualize the local habitants to act or dress. We see the drawings of the mime with the striped black and white shirt and the black baret mimicking the local tourists. The woman with the flowy dress riding the bicycle with the basket full of baguettes. The romantic couple at the cafe smoking cigarettes and drinking wine in the… Read More

  Real Women of Paris As I continue to research and admire all the beautiful women and their fashion among the streets of Paris, I decided I needed to pay tribute to some of these women themselves. Many women I see on the street I have to just stop and ask, “Please tell me where you found your outfit?” Though before I find out where the real women are shopping, it is… Read More

Brighter is better! Even in the gloomiest of weather, Parisian’s still find away to brighten up the sky all summer long. Bright colored dresses, pants, flowered patterns with perfectly matching shoes create a warm ensemble to heat up any day of summer. It is easy to spot a Parisian woman among the packed summer crowds because she will always be wearing a dress or skirt, never shorts. Bright colors, flowered patterns or… Read More

What Not to Wear as a Tourist in Paris Tuesday Paris Street Fashion is a guide to the everyday Parisian street styles and an insider on what real people wear. As a new Parisian myself, I wanted to blend in as much as possible, even before I made the move to make this my home. However, before I could I had to first try and blend in as a tourist. Paris was the… Read More