Though Tuesday Paris Street Fashion may have taken a break last week, all was too be blamed on the beautiful, warm Parisian nights. You may call it a stroke of good luck or just a freak instance but whatever brought the beautiful, warm weather in Paris the last few weeks, thank you. As this past Saturday was officially the last day that we could consider a blend of summer and fall and… Read More

We can smell it in the air, fall is near. We enjoy the last days of summer either heading to the nearest beach, putting on our favorite sundresses or hosting one last BBQ. Here in Paris, as the weather has already shown many signs of fall, we’ve begun our search for the best fall fashions. As we prepare to retire our summer wear, the most important fashion piece we ensure is in… Read More

  As we near the end of summer there are still plenty of outdoor events we must enjoy before we head back to the books and prepare our fall coats for the very brisk days ahead. This weekend, August 22nd, there are several reasons to head outdoors as Paris offers up festivals and celebrations to end the last month of summer with a bang. Kicking off tomorrow, the┬áRock en Seine is a… Read More

  Summer is officially here and no summer agenda is complete without a visit to the town carnival! Candied apples, Ferris wheels and all your favorite games make for a perfect summer evening. When I thought this age old tradition couldn’t get any better….what about including a view of the Louvre! The thing I love most about Paris, there is always something new to discover. Many of the city events I have… Read More

It’s that time of year again. When supermen with calves the size of watermelons take on the streets of France to battle out in one of the best and most famous spectating sports in the world, the Tour de France. Today, July 5th, riders officially commenced the 101st Tour de France with a 190.5 km first stage from Leeds to Harrogate, England. Riding through the mountains and countryside, overcoming everything from tough… Read More

Paris may be the second most expensive city in the world, but this summer, the fashion is not! Summer sales have arrived and as France (and America) look forward to celebrating their independence this July, Paris is celebrating their freedom to shop. This week commenced the spree of epic summer bargains all over Paris. Every single store covered their windows with the loudest and largest discount signs in stock, 50, 60 and… Read More

I would love to invite you to a very chic outdoor picnic. Dress in the most glamorous white outfit you can find, bring the best meal you can cook and bring the best wine you know. Oh, by the way, you need to bring your own table, your own chairs and I can’t tell you where it is until 1 hour before. Hope to see you there! Wait, what? Why would I… Read More

The countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated world cup’s in decades. Starting tomorrow night, June 12th, 2014, the first match between Brazil and Croatia will kick of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fans from around the world, Brazilian or not, are anxious to get their national FIFA gear on, wave their flags, paint their faces and represent their country with pride. Brazil is known as one the football… Read More

In the basking hot sun, the Parisian masses came out yesterday to watch the final match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic for Roland Garros-The French Open. Just as you would in your living room, but with a way better view, Parisians filled the lawns of Champ de Mars park. Shirtless men and women with large sun hats, attempted to survive the heat as they watched their favorite tennis pro’s on the… Read More