As a visitor of this journey with me through Paris, you may be expecting to only find information regarding the “City of Lights” Where to eat, what to do and see how I have experienced Paris through my footsteps. However, the best part about living in Paris is the accessibility to travel all over Europe not only within a close range but also, for cheap. I have been privileged to visit many… Read More

We all have bucketlists. A list of items we are convinced we have to do before we die so in the afterlife we won’t be haunting the world, especially our family friends screaming, “Why did not let me go skydiving!!” Though not all these items may be so extreme, some are as simple as attending the world’s biggest beer, Oktoberfest. For me, that was a bucketlist item I was able to finally… Read More

Hola from Espana! For those who have traveled around Europe, you now know how easy and accessible travel here. There is a train,plane or bus to get you to another country faster than finishing your grocery shopping. The best part about this accessible travel is how inexpensive it can be. This week, as i was desperate to feel the sand on my toes from a real beach, I took advantage of a… Read More

    Many of us at some point in our childhood or perhaps even in our adult life, have seen the original film version of the, The Sound of Music. An overly happy musical featuring Julie Andrews who we all remember best for her scene of spinning around on top of the Alps singing her heart out that the hills are alive with music. No matter when you watched it, at that… Read More

One of my favorite things I have done living in Paris so far was visiting Monet’s Garden in Giverny. Only 75km outside of Paris, this is a great day trip to escape the city and explore the house where the impressionist genius lived and found inspiration for his most beautiful creations. You truly feel like you are walking right into one of his paintings and see it come to life. Already aware… Read More

It’s that time of year again. When supermen with calves the size of watermelons take on the streets of France to battle out in one of the best and most famous spectating sports in the world, the Tour de France. Today, July 5th, riders officially commenced the 101st Tour de France with a 190.5 km first stage from Leeds to Harrogate, England. Riding through the mountains and countryside, overcoming everything from tough… Read More

Comfy and Affordable Way to Travel Around Europe Europe is all about travel. One of the reasons so many backpackers flock here is for the convenience and closeness of each country. Living in the second most expensive city in the world, I have to find less expensive travel options to enjoy all that Europe has to offer. IDBus has made that possible for me. They are my new “go-to” transport to get… Read More